"Sind die Kinder klein, müssen wir ihnen helfen, Wurzeln zu fassen. Sind sie groß, müssen wir ihnen Flügel schenken."

The parents' initiative Estrelinha eV lovingly supports and complements the education of its protégés with its extensive and individual program and thus offers an optimal starting point for the best development and educational opportunities.

Through a holistic education, children's individual abilities are awakened and promoted, enabling them to develop into self-reliant, self-confident, contented and loving personalities who are ready to take responsibility for themselves, others, and the environment.

We also provide parents with advice and support when it comes to daily living, education and transition to school.


Estrelinha eV is funded by the Bavarian Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs, Family and Integration, and by the City of Munich / Department of Education and Sport.